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Data Protection in the face of a disaster of any kind requires forethought, planning and practice to ensure that your backup plan really works. Over the years, the "recovery" part of that planning has meant tapes (okay, but an old technology), onsite backup (good for crashes, not so good for fires, floods, etc.) and Off-Site Backup (previously quite pricey)

Introducing PatrolDog Offsite Backup! TAB's soluton consists of our trademarked PatrolDog server health monitoring software combined with a remote server located in a secure data center utilizing 256 bit Military level encryption.PatrolDog will copy new and modified data specified by the business owner as mission critical to the offsite server. This activity is done automatically, every day (per your schedule). A daily activity report is sent to the user providing a full history of the data being sent.

Order PatrolDog Offsite Online here and start being protected today!.

To view a comprehensive description of the Offsite product, read our fact sheet HERE.