TAB has been offering the PatrolDog product since 2003. With hundreds of installations up and running the monitoring software, we realized that other VARs and resellers such as ourselves could have clients that would benefit from this program.

Under the partnership design, the VAR will have no obligation to purchase product or license software. They will simply install PatrolDOG at their client sites and all monitoring will be performed via the Internet and E-Mail/Pager notifications will be sent back to the VAR.

Monthly fees are billed to the client by the VAR - TAB simply bills the VAR directly for any clients monitored during the month (at reseller pricing levels).

"We firmly believe that PatrolDOG is a crucial component to maintaining a healthy network and we want to aggressively price it to build a viable reseller network" says TJ Benoit, President of TAB Computer Systems, Inc. "This is a radical departure from other 'managed monitoring' programs costing tens of thousands of dollars to initiate and maintain."

"PatrolDog™ is designed to monitor the most critical items facing both small business IT needs as well as Enterprise IT departments. PatrolDog is in touch hourly with client servers via the Internet - if something goes wrong, the VAR will know about it" explains Benoit. "Examples of this feedback include all Windows event log monitoring, daily backup confirmation, disk space usage, power issues, hardware failures, virus and security issues as well as overall network health and performance monitoring."

"One of the greatest benefits to the VAR community is the Event log filtering that PatrolDog performs. Using TAB's proprietary database of thousands of cataloged Events, only those that are of concern are sent as alerts to the VAR, saving hours of analysis and decisions each day." says Benoit. This powerful tool can and does allow for monitoring literally hundreds of servers by a single technician at a VAR location. In addition, PatrolDog e-mail reporting back to the client is fully automatic requiring no intervention by the VAR.

For more information and pricing details on this exciting "win/win" opportunity, please email